At, your loyalty will be rewarded.

Every time you make a purchase you will gain points. Once a certain number of points have been acquired you will receive either a voucher or discounts on future purchases.

Rules for using the loyalty program:

1) To qualify for the loyalty program you have to be:

- The legal age to drink alcohol;

- A resident in Switzerland;

- Be registered on our site;

2) To qualify for vouchers and discounts, you need to acquire 1,000 points with-in the year. The year begins from the date of your first purchase and ends at the end of the month, 12 months later.

Example date of first purchase: March 6, 2010 End date: March 30, 2011

Unfortunately, if you get less than 1000 points in the year, you will not receive any loyalty vouchers or discounts. We do however, reward our best customers.

If you build-up 7,500 points in one year, you will become a "gold member" and will be able to make-use of the many benefits offered (see point No. 3).


Senario 1: Number of points obtained in the course of the year: 300 points. - You will not qualify for a voucher.

Senario 2: Number of points obtained in the course of the year: 2,500 points. - Voucher worth 500 Swiss Francs.

Senario 3: number of points obtained in the course of the year: 7-500 points. - Voucher worth 1000 Swiss Francs and access to gold status for a year.

3) Vouchers

A voucher is available once you’ve obtained 1,000 points and lasts for a year. The voucher can be used with other coupons or discount already available on the site.

4) Gold status

This privileged status, is available as soon as you obtain 7,500 points during the year. Example 1st purchase made on the 12th of January 2010 access to gold status on the 11th of October 11 2010

You will therefore have access to gold status and its privileges until the following year up to the 31st of October 2011.

The privileges you are entitled to:

a) On your Birthday we will offer you a bottle of Champagne (or other) with the value of 50 CHF;

b) An automatic discount of 10% will be given on all wines from the store as well as gift boxes.

c) Priority treatment will be given to your orders (delivery times will be reduced even same-day delivery will be offered, if you live in Geneva);

c) Payment terms - 30 days from the date of the order.

d) You will receive our Newsletter with our promotional offers before other members which will allow you to select your preferred wines 'on promotion' before anyone else;

e) Once a year, an invitation will be sent to you (along with 3 other people of your choice) for a tasting of Grands Crus in our vaulted cellar in Carouge. The value of this invitation: CHF 200.

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